It took me a while to adjust to the idea of teaching online, finding a way to do it, and then getting used to it, but now we all know it can be done successfully. 

Life goes on, so let's regroup and continue learning!




 ”A fifty-two-year-old man asked me for voice lessons to help him prepare for a solo audition in his choir. At our first meeting, I discovered that he had a beautiful baritone but his range didn’t exceed one octave. Needless to say, it didn’t allow him to sing even the simplest repertoire. We started practicing twice a week slowly and carefully going through basic exercises over and over, and adding one note at a time to his range.

     A few months later he felt confident enough to audition. He didn’t get the solo but kept taking lessons  “as a matter of pride”, and in about a year expanded his range to two full octaves. One day, while practicing his first operatic aria he exclaimed: “Singing is so easy when you do it right!"



     Classically trained, award-winning vocalist Veronica Bell has performed as a soloist in Europe, Asia, Russia, and the United States for over 20 years. She applies her talent to opera, oratorio, and other musical genres such as musical theater and cabaret.

     Her experience as a professional singer allows her to understand in depth the challenges that vocalists face every day: running out of breath, having trouble with projection and pitch, or straining while trying to reach a high note.     


     “There is no magic bullet when it comes to learning vocal technique”, Veronica says. “It takes time and patience of both the student and the teacher, but ways of improvement are not very complicated and are never out of reach. Singing in many aspects is like talking: we produce the sound using our vocal cords. The difference is, when we talk, we choose the pitch ourselves; when we sing, we follow the pitch chosen for us by a composer. Finding the connection between talking and singing helps to get the breath under control, brighten the sound, and free the top and the bottom register.


My responsibility as a voice teacher is to take the mystery out of vocal technique and help solve problems; my students' responsibility is to keep open-minded, pay attention, stay positive, and PRACTICE. At the end of the day, every singer I have ever coached came out of my studio with great improvement and a whole a lot of confidence, whether a beginner or an experienced professional.”


     Veronica’s approach to teaching voice is different from many other coaches. She doesn’t force the technique on her students overwhelming them with complicated details. On the contrary, like a “vocal therapist”, she gently guides singers through the lesson toward finding a place where the correct technique simply becomes second nature and a place of comfort. “The main goal of each lesson is not to work hard but to work more efficiently with better results”, she says. “In the words of my student, singing is easy when you do it right, and that's the only way it should be."

Ms. Bell's students have graduated from the best music schools in the US and abroad such as Curtis School of Music, New England Conservatory, Indiana University, San Francisco Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory, British Royal Academy, and enjoy great professional careers. 


Veronica Bell at BELL VOICE STUDIO provides private vocal instructions to students of all levels and abilities, primarily in operatic and musical theater genres.

Main principles:

  • Personal approach

  • Making difficult easy, and confusing - understandable

  • Relentless attention to detail


The focus of training is on the fundamentals of vocal technique:

  • breathing and breath support

  • extension of vocal range

  • improvement of color and tone of voice

  • easy projection

  • vocal health and longevity


Each lesson is carefully crafted to the individual needs of the singer and style of music.


Additional services include:

  • preparation for performance

  • preparation for recordings

  • record production 

  • audition prep 

  • repertoire development

  • stage presence



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